July 14, 2011

10 things about me

Last week I found an interesting comment on my blog. A wonderful girl and blogger friend from Portugal, Mariana, sent me a "Challenge". I decided not to "steal" other people's pics, so I transformed my mission into "10 things I like the most". Of course, my parents and friends are out of competition. 
1. Disclose who passed it.
Mariana -
2. Post 10 photos of things you like the most.

  • Photography  My life vision in pictures.
  • Travel  New places, new friends, lots of memories. I really want to explore Africa through African travel safari, Australia, Japan, the UK, the USA...lalala.
  • Music festivals  "Poison in my blood" is the right expression of it.
  • Leopard print  Definitely OBSESSED. From sunglasses, bed linen, pen, scarfs to infinity. 
  • Horses They understand you well, feel you...It's like the chemistry between you and nature. 
  • Art  Surrealism, impressionism, modern.
  • Sport  Tennis, horseback riding, snowboarding, surfing. I'm going skydiving, and I want to take part in the auto racing.
  • Design  My room is the fruit of my work. I always look for something interesting, for unique pieces.
  • Psychology
  • To laugh  

3. Pass the challenge to 10 blogs.
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  1. I like this post and you are a gorgeous girl!


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  5. leopard print!!! i love that to!!!!!