January 30, 2011

Are you feeling hot?

What happens to the weather? It's january, and It was so cold outside 2 last weeks. The city was looking like a big portion of curd whithout strawberry jam. But today the sun shines bright and my thought are only about the spring. It means I'll be able to take more photos and do more updates!

I want to say "thanks" to all of you for your support! You make me smile every day! Hope you'll continue to love my blog.

And now one of my favorite photos taken during my trip to Paris. Are you feeling hot? :)

January 18, 2011

Spring of my soul

Well, now I'm free!!! All the exams are passed and birdie can sing her song again! I'm working on my photo album and take too much inspiration from 60's. I really love Linda McCartney's photos for their incredible sense of life. Also I'm delighted with Sofia Coppola works (and movies of course). So...wait for me, beautiful compositions, I'm hungry!

Some early photos:

January 3, 2011

Black & White

I'm a big fan of Black&White photos. Here is my collection of them.