March 26, 2011

Always on my mind

This is one of my parents' photos I'm in love with. They are so cute, aren't they? I always enjoy my mum's looks, she's a true fashionista. Of course, we give each other some advices. It's so cool when your mum looks like your sister and understand you well. What about my daddy - he is the best! We adore rock music, photography...Yeah, I'm very happy! Love you both so much! <3


  1. aww, yes i agree, they're adorable! and your mom really is a fashionista. I mean that dress is pretty! you can totally ask her for that dress cos i would if my mum had something like that! haha... anyways, i might not agree with you with moms looking like a sister cos my mom does look like my older sister... and i just don't like it when people compare us specially when they don't know she's actually my mom and not my sister. anyway.... cute post! love it!!!


  2. Wow amazing pic! Your mum has such great style xx

  3. that is a cute photo...the buildings behind them are just so gorgeous!

  4. me gusta mucho tu blog, las fotos son muy bonitas!!

  5. That dress she wears is soo pretty! (:

  6. Oh so cute! I ALWAYS steal my mama's clothes. She was some little model back in Mexico and saved tons of the designer stuff that were given to her as gifts. Cute blog, I just came across it.

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  9. That is such a lovely picture. Very romantic. And your mother looks amazing.

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